By: Erik Clausen

Cell & Gene Therapy: From Evolution to Revolution

Cell and gene therapy has transformed the world of science and research with no signs of stopping. In this blog post, we discuss this one-of-a-kind therapeutic revolution.

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Creating the Perfect Marriage Between Sales and Marketing

As marketers, understanding our clients’ sales structures allows us to see the bigger picture. This blog post discusses ways to involve sales teams into marketing conversations to ultimately create a productive and successful business strategy.

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A New Sheriff in Town—What Can the Life Sciences Expect from a Biden White House?

We’ve all had enough of talk of the past! Let’s look at what the future might hold for the life science industry – and its marketers – under the policy changes promised by the newly-minted Biden Administration.

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CG Life makes MM&M Top 100 Agency
CG Life Makes MM&M Top 100 Healthcare Agencies: Time for Matching Tattoos?

We made MM&M’s top 100 North American Healthcare agencies of 2020! Time for the team to get some matching tattoos!

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2019 San Diego UNWIND
UNWIND 2019: Social Networking the Old School Way – In Person!

Long ago, we here at CG Life grew tired of infomercial-like presentations and the hefty entry fees that have been the…

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Love Shouldn’t Hurt: Relationship Advice for Marketing Agencies and the Companies That Hire Them

Whether personal or professional, relationships take work. In this blog, we discuss the elements that make relationships between agencies and clients work and the things that inevitably lead to the dreaded breakup.

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How to Give a Masterful Media Interview in the Life Sciences

There are risks to engaging public audiences in any form. Media interviews can feel treacherous, but with preparation you can crush it. Learn how life science companies can nail their interviews in this blog.

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Looking Back at the Trump Administration’s Impact on the Life Science Industry

Four years ago, Erik Clausen, CG Life Managing Partner, predicted the Trump Administration’s impact on the Life Sciences and it’s marketers (like us). Find if he was right in this blog!

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Marketing Rules to Follow During Uncertain Economic Times

While uncertainty is reigning during the current global pandemic, economic indicators are pointing to a coming recession. Despite this turbulence, marketing should remain an integral part of your business. Read our advice for positioning your business to beat a recession.

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Does Storytelling in Science Require an Audience’s Trust?

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend “An Astrophysicist Goes to the Movies”—a talk given by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson…

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