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We’ve got a few life lessons to share

Billions Upon Billions of Stars

What Tiger Woods did for golf, did for astronomy: he made it popular with the people. His Cosmos series in 1980 – the most widely watched PBS special ever – educated, entertained, and fascinated us. He was America’s in the golden era of space exploration. What can life science marketers learn from Sagan?

As marketers, we would love for “billions upon billions” of people to find, purchase, and extol our companies’ products and services. This Best of Twitter Chemversation explores how, like Sagan, we can make science accessible -- through , the written , and .

Along the way, we answer several questions including: How do you promote your company without pointing the finger at yourself (4.57)? What are the secrets to writing compelling press releases (13.15)? How do you get non-scientists to understand what you do in the lab all day (16.28)?

As a bonus, find out what Vladimir Putin has to do with science (11.35) and listen you will to the worst Yoda impression of all time (10.41) – done twice in fact.