Position Purpose

The Account Director is responsible for providing the strategic direction as well as actively overseeing the day-to-day execution of marketing communications programs on behalf of the agency clients. The Account Director acts as the intermediary between the Agency management and the Account team and is responsible for facilitating the flow of information (regarding clients, industry trends as well as internal topics) both upwards and downwards.

Principal Accountabilities

In addition to following agency policies and procedures, principal accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

Project Responsibilities

  • Represents the client’s interests within and outside the agency.
  • Maintains current knowledge of the client’s business by researching trade industry resources.  Clearly understands all aspects of the client’s industry, including target audience, business model, trends, competitors, etc.
  • Develops strategies that clearly define objectives, tone, key messages, and deliverables for client’s business needs.
  • Effectively presents agency recommendations to clients and secures client approval of those strategic recommendations.
  • Coordinates with Public Relations, Digital Director, Media and Creative Director to ensure seamless integrated marketing programs.  Makes connections between paid and non-paid (PR) opportunities and informs entire client team.
  • Effectively manages details related to client projects and responds to requests in a quick and timely manner.
  • Orchestrates estimates and schedule process; communicates milestones and deadlines to entire team in order to create a realistic schedule.  Ensures that deadlines are met. 
  • Leads and/or oversees marketplace research and develops and/or supports creation of differentiating brand positioning directions for clients.
  • Ensures that the entire team understands and adheres to the client’s strategy.
  • Effectively manages client expectations.
  • Develops accurate budgets and makes efficient use of available resources.
  • Drafts timely conference reports, documents client communications, and distributes these to entire team and client.
  • Responsible for conducting internal and external client presentations.


  • Establishes sound and effective working relationships internally with client team members and with senior level clients.  Resolves conflicts or roadblocks that would interfere with the overall agency relationship and completing assigned projects.
  • Establishes and maintains sound client relationships and demonstrates an obvious passion for the success of every client.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Responsible for the overall profitability of the accounts they are assigned.
  • Identifies opportunities for continued financial growth of clients.
  • Ensures that projects stay within budget guidelines by monitoring clients, profits and issues involving change-orders, when project scope changes.  Closely monitors time spent on each client to ensure adherence to budget.
  • Ensures minimum billability thresholds are met for those working with them and seeks ways to ensure personal, project, and corporate profitability.

Business Development/Industry Knowledge

  • Responsible for growing current accounts by cross selling other agency services or additional projects.  Looks for new opportunities to expand agency presence.
  • Responsible for attending networking events, becoming an active member in at least one professional association. 
  • Identifies new client opportunities and works with Managing Partners to execute relevant new business initiatives.

Project Management

  • Effectively prioritizes and successfully handles many tasks simultaneously.
  • Assures creative implementation is consistent with client strategy.
  • Manages project deadlines within established cost and timeframes.
  • Effectively delegates; provides direction and allows others to carry out their assigned responsibilities.
  • “Manages up” to ensure that every level of the organization is meeting deadlines and completing assigned tasks.
  • Bills an average minimum of six hours per day and seeks ways to increase personal billability.


  • Communicates upper management directives to the account management team.
  • Consistently uses appropriate style for written and verbal communications.
  • Is persuasive; uses the best communication style for the message and the recipient.
  • Listens to others; is open to new ideas and approaches.
  • Asks relevant questions to collect the necessary information to turn client needs into strategy.
  • Recognizes important and relevant information; shares it appropriately. 

Relationship Building

  • Builds mutual trust and respect with colleagues and clients. Follows-through on commitments.
  • Develops rapport with client to enhance the relationship.
  • Recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of others.
  • Identifies appropriate opportunities for team members to build relationships with client; bring the right people in at the right time.
  • Effectively negotiates to accomplish tasks.

Problem Solving

  • Maintains composure under high-pressure situations. 
  • Explores and considers options before making a decision or recommendation.
  • Is resourceful; persists in looking for solutions when nothing seems to work.
  • Thinks beyond the obvious to develop innovative solutions that overcome obstacles to getting things done.

Knows Client’s Business

  • Thoroughly understands and stays current with information about client’s business and competitors. 
  • Develops strategic and tactical solutions to client problems.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of client’s internal organization.
  • Correlates what the agency can offer with client needs.

To apply, send us your resume to jobs@cglife.com along with a cover letter that introduces yourself and communicates how you and CG Life are a perfect match with a shared passion for translating science and healthcare into communications and marketing programs that deliver results. Oh, and let us know your favorite scientist while you’re at it.