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Strategic Communications for Pre-Commercial Biopharma Organizations

Recent economic stressors are challenging the biopharma R&D pipeline, forcing many companies to make tough strategic decisions and unprecedented cuts to R&D programs. While we can’t change the macro landscape, there are certain strategic moves that pre-commercial companies can make to garner attention, create traction, and potentially secure fresh resources. Those moves center around communications.

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A New Sheriff in Town—What Can the Life Sciences Expect from a Biden White House?

We’ve all had enough of talk of the past! Let’s look at what the future might hold for the life science industry – and its marketers – under the policy changes promised by the newly-minted Biden Administration.

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Doctor drawing vaccine from a vial using a syringe
mRNA Vaccines: What You Need To Know

mRNA vaccines offer a new approach that could allow scientists to respond more quickly and effectively to threats like COVID-19. This blog tells you what you need to know about this emerging technology.

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Lab rats explain life science research
Sooo…How Exactly Does Life Science Research Work?

As science communicators we need to get creative to better engage audiences and connect them to science that surrounds our everyday lives. To put this to practice, we are excited to share our homegrown comic, which provides a fun and informative look at how life science research happens. Check it out here!

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Forecasting Life Science and Healthcare Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

To better understand how how life science and healthcare sales have been affected by our new “normal,” we sat down with a number of sales managers to hear their predictions for the long-term outlook of their efforts. Within, read about some key trends and adaptation insights collected from our conversations.

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Biomanufacturing scientist uses bioreactor in bioprocess
17 Key Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing Terms to Know

In this blog, we’ll break down some of the key terms and concepts you’ll need to know to speak and write about biomanufacturing and bioprocessing.

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Looking Back at the Trump Administration’s Impact on the Life Science Industry

Four years ago, Erik Clausen, CG Life Managing Partner, predicted the Trump Administration’s impact on the Life Sciences and it’s marketers (like us). Find if he was right in this blog!

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Magnify Your Marketing and Public Relations with a Strategic Editorial Calendar

The media landscape is extremely noisy, yet your job is to figure out how to generate visibility for your organization. So, how do you set your company up for maximum media coverage in the upcoming year? Start by building an editorial calendar for your organization with help from this blog!

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How to Restore Trust in Science and Address Public Fear of the Unknown

The growing role of science and technology in public life has created a scenario where the scientific and medical communities can not afford to ignore public distrust. This post explores the causes of distrust in scientific institutions and offers commitments companies can make to restore that trust.

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CG Life Inspirational Women in STEM
Kick-Ass Ambassadors of Science and Technology That CG Life Looks Up To

In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2020, the CG Life team shares personal stories about Women in STEM that inspire our team.

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