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3 Things Science Marketers Should Know About Clinical Trials (From Someone Who’s Been There)

From the lens of a former clinical research coordinator and trial participant, learn what science marketers should know about the inner workings of clinical trials.

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Doctor drawing vaccine from a vial using a syringe
mRNA Vaccines: What You Need To Know

mRNA vaccines offer a new approach that could allow scientists to respond more quickly and effectively to threats like COVID-19. This blog tells you what you need to know about this emerging technology.

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Transforming Patient Care in the New Age of Gene Therapy

Standing at the cusp of such an exciting and impactful moment in medicine, we are now more certain than ever that gene therapies can provide life-changing benefits to many. Looking at the horizon, this blog reflects on what gene therapies may mean for patient care, providing examples using some of their earliest disease targets.

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Clinical Trials and Branding: It’s Time to Ditch the License Plate Numbers

There’s a business case to be made for naming and branding a lot of clinical trials. But below, we dive into one aspect of the discussion: How changes to the way clinical trials are being run are increasing the pressure – and the incentives around – naming and branding yours.

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