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Strategic Communications for Pre-Commercial Biopharma Organizations

Recent economic stressors are challenging the biopharma R&D pipeline, forcing many companies to make tough strategic decisions and unprecedented cuts to R&D programs. While we can’t change the macro landscape, there are certain strategic moves that pre-commercial companies can make to garner attention, create traction, and potentially secure fresh resources. Those moves center around communications.

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing and Content Strategy for 2022

In this blog, we discuss 6 important factors you should consider when planning your 2022 marketing strategy.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Reduced 2021 Marketing Budget
How to Maximize a Lean 2021 Marketing Budget [Downloadable]

2021 could be the year of the shrinking marketing budget. When the funds are running down, how do you make the best of what’s still around? We asked the leaders of CG Life’s marketing disciplines how best to allocate limited budgets in their areas of expertise. Here is their advice to you!

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How to Put Science Under Scrutiny: A Guide to Critically Evaluating Information

At CG Life, we have to tackle new scientific topics on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. This blog post discusses different sources of scientific information and the tactics we use to exercise our critical comprehension skills and prioritize scientific information to rapidly become well-informed.

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14 Avenues for Establishing Thought Leadership in Science

Thought-leadership campaigns can sometimes appear to have a deceptively simple recipe: Mix one part KOL with a strong overarching narrative and…

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Content Is Key: Steps for Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy

Content is key when it comes to your brand’s marketing, but there is a strategy to follow in order to be successful. In this blog, we discuss the steps you should take when creating and promoting your content.

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Science Marketing Lessons from the Real Social Media Influencers: Pets!

We know you’ve seen 100 other science marketing tips articles around the internet, but we bet you’ve never seen one like this! In this blog we discuss the useful new knowledge we’ve gotten from a very exclusive source: pets on social media.

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5 Things Sales Teams Can Do Right Now to Help Marketing Efforts

Sales teams can utilize their additional bandwidth and their skillset to make marketing efforts more effective and helpful to potential customers. Here are 5 things your sales team can do when in-person visits are on hold to help your marketing team generate qualified leads.

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Marketing Rules to Follow During Uncertain Economic Times

While uncertainty is reigning during the current global pandemic, economic indicators are pointing to a coming recession. Despite this turbulence, marketing should remain an integral part of your business. Read our advice for positioning your business to beat a recession.

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Stock photo of 5 scientist mixing random fluids
Accelerating the Demise of Science Marketing Clichés

We’re all guilty of at least one or two corny science marketing infringements, but some of us really lean into it. You know who you are. You’re so busy ‘accelerating’ ‘cutting-edge’ research and highlighting ‘novel and robust’ data that you don’t have time to birth something a bit different. We get it. So, what’s the solution?

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