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Are Website Cookies Still Useful?

You know what website cookies are. Sometimes referred to as HTTP cookies, they are little bits of code that a website…

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Media Planning
2019 Marketing Strategy: Designing an Effective 2019 Paid Media Plan

It’s Q4 2018, and in my experience, that means a mad dash to the finish trying to finalize paid media plans…

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Should I Bid On My Own Branded Keywords?
PPC Strategy: Should I Bid On My Own Branded Keywords?

Tl;dr yes. At CG Life, because we’ve been doing PPC strategy and paid search campaigns for our clients since what feels…

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Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practices Part 2: Big Data In Marketing Innovation

Big data is a complex topic. You can think of big data like visiting a new city. There are seemingly infinite…

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the new digital marketing era
Digital Marketing Strategy Best Practices Part 1: The New Era of Digital Advertising

Digital marketing strategy has evolved and with it the evolution of using big data. With the constant advance of technology and…

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Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure in “Marketing Survival”

Don’t you wish that you could simply get a 2nd chance on some of your life science marketing decisions? There are…

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What Google Chrome Ad Blocker Means for Your Marketing Strategy

What impact will the February 15 release of web browser Google Chrome ad blocker have on your marketing strategy, and what…

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Don’t Want to Spam Customers? Follow the Rules of an Email Service Provider

You can’t market to people from inside a spam folder. To land in your customers’ inboxes and minds instead, you’ve got…

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The New World of Measuring Digital Advertising: Viewability, Analytics, and A/B Testing

You’ve already paid for banner ads and leaderboards. But what happens when your target audience installs ad blocking software—or simply never…

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