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The Medical Benefits of CBD: Real, or Just Hype?

There’s a health food store in my neighborhood that’s been there for ages, and I never looked twice at it until…

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Dreams For J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference & Biotech Showcase Week
Dreams that Might Come True During J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference & Biotech Showcase Week

You’ve spent months getting your Biotech Showcase game plan and J.P. Morgan conference strategy ready for biotech’s “big show” – that…

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23andMe Sold Your Genetic Data to GSK: What this Means for You, Your Data, and Your Health

Earlier this summer, the often-scrutinized at-home genetic testing company 23andMe sold genetic data from five million customers to the pharmaceutical company…

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Core Philosophies At CG Life: A Look Inside A Life Science Marketing Agency

When terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts” start to fill our day-to-day lexicon, honesty and transparency can seem like rare…

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How To Write to Experts…About Something They’re Not An Expert In

If you are working in marketing for a life science or healthcare company, chances are, you are writing to a pretty…

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Great Minds Think Similarly: The Pros and Cons of Biosimilars

Ever wish you could replicate the taste of that $200 bottle of wine that has been aged to perfection over the…

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It’s like Finding Money: Repurposing Content Marketing

Being very deliberate about creating specific content based on a buyer’s journey, and then distributing said content, might not necessarily be…

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Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure in “Marketing Survival”

Don’t you wish that you could simply get a 2nd chance on some of your life science marketing decisions? There are…

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What You Cared About in 2017

This past year was filled with just as many “Woah, that’s awesome” moments as “Wait, is this actually happening?” ones. Through…

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Selecting the Right Investment Bank to Take Your Company Public

Taking a company public is a momentous milestone in the growth of a life science or healthcare company. Whether or not…

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