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How to Get the Most Out of Your Reduced 2021 Marketing Budget
How to Maximize a Lean 2021 Marketing Budget [Downloadable]

2021 could be the year of the shrinking marketing budget. When the funds are running down, how do you make the best of what’s still around? We asked the leaders of CG Life’s marketing disciplines how best to allocate limited budgets in their areas of expertise. Here is their advice to you!

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Lab rats explain life science research
Sooo…How Exactly Does Life Science Research Work?

As science communicators we need to get creative to better engage audiences and connect them to science that surrounds our everyday lives. To put this to practice, we are excited to share our homegrown comic, which provides a fun and informative look at how life science research happens. Check it out here!

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Hitting The Ground Running With Your PR Firm

Public relations is a key element of business. By public relations, I don’t mean ‘PR’ in the traditional sense (as in…

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Your Free Guide to Surviving JPM San Francisco 2018

It’s 11 PM and I am crammed into the Press Club just blocks away from Union Square in downtown San Francisco….

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Science and the Internet of Things

Imagine a lab that smoothly, automatically conducts experiments and collects data. A lab that saves time for your scientists (and business)…

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Science Communication has changed forever
Has the Global Pandemic Changed Science Communication Forever?

Turns out, a global pandemic brings both significant attention and change to the scientific community. Shocker, we know! As a result, has science communication changed forever? Yes! Find out how!

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Forecasting Life Science and Healthcare Sales in a Post-Pandemic World

To better understand how how life science and healthcare sales have been affected by our new “normal,” we sat down with a number of sales managers to hear their predictions for the long-term outlook of their efforts. Within, read about some key trends and adaptation insights collected from our conversations.

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What You Cared About in 2017

This past year was filled with just as many “Woah, that’s awesome” moments as “Wait, is this actually happening?” ones. Through…

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What Matters to Core Lab Managers?

My PhD advisor used to say, “A day in the lab can save a week at the library.” CG Life’s San…

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Global Science Marketing: Expanding Your Presence Across the Globe

With online communities and communication across labs increasing, science companies find themselves crossing national borders to establish an international presence. There…

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