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How to Build a Strong Scientific Claim to Satisfy Skeptical Minds

Credibility is key. Our team of scientists and HCPs knows how to design experiments and scrutinize scientific data, which is invaluable when pitching media.

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How to Give a Masterful Media Interview in the Life Sciences

There are risks to engaging public audiences in any form. Media interviews can feel treacherous, but with preparation you can crush it. Learn how life science companies can nail their interviews in this blog.

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Science Marketing Lessons from the Real Social Media Influencers: Pets!

We know you’ve seen 100 other science marketing tips articles around the internet, but we bet you’ve never seen one like this! In this blog we discuss the useful new knowledge we’ve gotten from a very exclusive source: pets on social media.

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Science Communication has changed forever
Has the Global Pandemic Changed Science Communication Forever?

Turns out, a global pandemic brings both significant attention and change to the scientific community. Shocker, we know! As a result, has science communication changed forever? Yes! Find out how!

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Lab rats explain life science research
Sooo…How Exactly Does Life Science Research Work?

As science communicators we need to get creative to better engage audiences and connect them to science that surrounds our everyday lives. To put this to practice, we are excited to share our homegrown comic, which provides a fun and informative look at how life science research happens. Check it out here!

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How We Feel: The Questions Answered by the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for their discoveries of receptors for temperature and touch. Jillian Weeks, Ph.D. takes a closer look at proprioception and the scientific discoveries that brought us to where we are today.

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10 Important Mustaches in Science

Happy Movember! We made a list of the greatest science ‘staches across the ages. Check out our picks!

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How to Put Science Under Scrutiny: A Guide to Critically Evaluating Information

At CG Life, we have to tackle new scientific topics on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. This blog post discusses different sources of scientific information and the tactics we use to exercise our critical comprehension skills and prioritize scientific information to rapidly become well-informed.

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Presenting during a Virtual Event
How to Make the Most of Virtual Trade Shows, Events, and Conferences

Virtual trade shows, events, and conferences are here to stay. Even still, it may be difficult to adjust to this growing form of virtual communication and networking. Get yourself virtual event ready with this blog.

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How to Restore Trust in Science and Address Public Fear of the Unknown

The growing role of science and technology in public life has created a scenario where the scientific and medical communities can not afford to ignore public distrust. This post explores the causes of distrust in scientific institutions and offers commitments companies can make to restore that trust.

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