• Communicating the massive
    potential of
    cell & gene therapies

The biopharmaceutical industry is quickly expanding and diversifying its arsenal of advanced treatments based on cell and gene therapies—treatments derived from human beings’ cells and genetic code, with alterations that can help solve human health problems.

Decades of rigorous research and technological advancements in genomics and cell biology have fueled an explosion of new biotherapeutics from new companies, with large numbers of them now reaching the clinical stage.

Audience Segments

For companies bringing these innovative therapeutics to market, the science that makes them work must be communicated in a way that’s rich with context but clear and compelling for a diverse set of audiences.

Development Stages

And the communication needs evolve depending on the company’s or therapy’s stage of development:

Core Support Areas

CG Life has a deep history in marketing and communications to each audience, with companies from startups to large corporations. Our ability to clearly communicate life science innovations and clinical advancements can help grow credibility and visibility for Cell and Gene Therapy clients. We can help with:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Scientific Communications & Patient Advocacy

Clinical Trial Branding

Cell & Gene Therapy Experience

We’ve been a communications catalyst for brands across the Cell & Gene Therapy segment including:

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