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San Diego

The Anatomy of a Media Pitch

There is nothing more satisfying to a public relations professional than an editor saying “yes!” to their pitch. But garnering that approval from an editor is a challenge that even the most seasoned PR pros face. Knowing how to write a successful pitch takes a lifetime of learning.

While there is no perfect formula for success, we’ve developed an approach to pitching, with shared media pitch examples, that PR pros can use to increase the probability of getting positive responses from editors.

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Anatomy of a Media Pitch

Do You Speak Science?

Healthcare has experienced a self-rediscovery. Tools and technologies that were once exclusive to the lab are now being applied in new and exciting ways to help people in clinical settings. As the worlds of healthcare and life sciences collide, organizations need effective strategies to speak to both.

Our managing partner, Erik Clausen, wrote about this topic for an article featured in the Healthcare PR issue of O’Dwyer’s PR magazine.

CG Life Likes to Unwind

At CG Life, we believe that life is as much about fun as it is discovery and work. That’s why we recently hosted our sixth UNWIND life science networking event in our San Diego location. What is UNWIND you ask? Oh, just what happens when ten organizations and 350 executives, scientists and friends get together over live music, street tacos, craft beer and science. The result is new friendships, collaborations, careers and adventures. Whether you were there or had something better to do (uh, whatever), check out our photo album to relive the fun!

San Diego UNWIND 2017

San Diego Conference Guide: Your Guide to Navigating ‘America’s Finest City’

Welcome to San Diego! If you’re here for business, then you’re probably aware that it’s one of the .

We aorta tell you...

That Chempetitive Group is now CG Life.

Life evolves. And so must we. When we started Chempetitive Group almost 15 years ago, it wasn’t just about providing marketing communication services for the life science industry. We started Chempetitive Group to offer a truly different agency experience. One that goes beyond the “client.” One that truly connects with people. That’s what mattered then, and that’s what matters today.

We aorta tell you...

Global Science Marketing: Expanding Your Presence Across the Globe

With online communities and communication across labs increasing, science companies find themselves crossing national borders to establish an international presence.

There are scientists around the world conducting research, and many have probably never heard of you or your product. Spreading your message to a global audience is a great way to reach untapped markets and grow your business.

Exploring Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are here! As we learned at the Google Performance SummitGoogle claims this change will result in higher Click Through Rates, and it is aimed to blend in with a “mobile-focused” world.


Ten Years Gone

"Then as it was, then again it will be, An' though the course may change sometimes, Rivers always reach the sea."

Zeppelin. . Jimmy Page always did get it right.

Chempetitive Group turns 10 years old today. Like any child our age, we remain ever curious and willing to run until we drop.

We ooze curiosity about what adventure awaits around each corner. We run for the thrill of the chase, and see the wonder in every discovery.

Chempetitive Group’s Next Top Intern

Chempetitive Group takes pride in offering internships that are fun, educational and opportunistic. We’re committed to this in large part because our internship program has brought us talented candidates over the years. Many of these people have ended up launching and growing successful marketing careers with us. One of them went on to become President of the United States. OK, that last part isn’t true, but you get the idea: We look for talented people who we can help to grow their skillset and give them experience, so that they can help us grow. It’s a win-win situation.

Weird Science: Water Cooler Chat Never Disappoints at Chempetitive Group

It’s not that we have anything against rehashing the last season of Homeland. And yes, we will even on occasion talk about the weather — which tends to be a far more exciting topic in our Chicago, Boston and Cambridge UK offices than it is in our San Diego office.