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Clinical Trial Recruitment Through Brand Engagement

Drive Patient Engagement, Accelerate Retention and Advance Your Therapy Through True Engagement

It’s a longstanding challenge: attracting and enrolling eligible patients for your trial. The #1 cause of clinical trial delays is a failure to recruit sufficient participants and more than 80% of all clinical trials fail to meet patient recruitment targets. Each day a trial is delayed, companies can lose between $600,000 and $8 million.

With a huge amount of money invested and study participants lives’ hanging in the balance, your engagement strategy can make or break you.

CG Life takes a more scientific and personal approach to design, develop, and deploy innovative branding that captures the attention of eligible participants. Together, we can create strategic campaigns that engage, boost recruitment, and minimize clinical trial delays.

Our Approach to Clinical Trial Branding

CG Life is an integrated marketing and communications agency that translates science into impactful campaigns that resonate with researchers, clinicians, patients, and caregivers. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped develop and activate compelling scientific and clinical brands.

Our experience informs our step-by-step strategy for clinical trial branding, creating specific messaging, clear narratives, and creative assets to help drive the awareness, recruitment, retention and, ultimately, success for your clinical trials.

  1. What’s in a name? For clinical trials, quite a bit. Rather than assigning arbitrary numbers and letters, we use advanced social network analytics tools that provide us with real-life insights into a broad range of disease states and patient communities.
  2. Audience experience. Our rich experience in communicating science and medicine to different audiences, helps us develop a name and brand that quickly connects with patients, caregivers, and clinicians, in a meaningful way.
  3. Zeroing in. Our analytics-based approach allows us to identify and communicate with thought leaders and trusted advocates, who help expedite the recruitment process.

The Benefits, In-Brief

  • Accelerate recruitment and increase speed to market
  • Differentiate from competitive trials
  • Provide clarity and compelling nature of the trial
  • Better communicate scientific language to prospective patients and caregivers
  • Lay a scalable foundation for future trials
  • Improve recall of the clinical trial and its purpose

Don’t delay your trial. Engage today.

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