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What Europe’s Tightened Rules for Personal Data Mean for Marketers

In April 2016, the European Union passed a new regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation, which is aimed at updating and unifying personal data laws across the EU, significantly changes the requirements surrounding the use of personal data, and will undoubtedly have a profound effect on marketers.

Should You Start a Life Science or Healthcare Podcast?

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity as both an entertainment and marketing medium. Fully a quarter of people in the United States have listened to a podcast in the last month, and most podcast listeners fall in the 18-54 demographic.

The podcasting boom, and prominent case studies of podcast success, have led many people and brands to start podcasting. Smartphones make the barrier to entry low, and it’s "easy" to start a life science or healthcare podcast.

But should you?

If you’re thinking about starting a healthcare podcast, read this first.

starting a healthcare podcast

B2B Marketing in Technical Industries: A Q&A with Steve Johnson

As the fields of life science and healthcare converge, understanding industries and target audiences is more crucial than ever for B2B marketing. We sat down with Steve Johnson, Managing Partner at CG Life, to discuss the changing industry landscape—and how B2B marketing is different in life science and healthcare.

Steve Johnson, Managing Partner at CG Life

SEO for Blogs and Web Pages: Know the Difference

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the potential to bring large amounts of free traffic to a website -- from specific target audiences no less.

Although many of the basic principles of SEO remain the same across different kinds of website pages, there are still differences in SEO best practices across page types.

Most notably, blog posts and articles need to be optimized differently from home pages and the like.


Life Science SEO in Action: An Outstanding Example of Evergreen Content

The best content provides long-term value, and the life sciences and healthcare have an outstanding opportunity to create that content.

Content marketing is a growing trend in B2B, with 89 percent of businesses using content in some form. The increased trend in content marketing is advancing the field, but it’s also revealing some of the key challenges content marketers face. One of those critical challenges is producing enough content.


Marketing Book Summary: Inside the Magic Kingdom

Marketing thought leaders are prolific, and it can be hard to keep up with the most recent developments in marketing. That’s why, each month, we bring you an in-depth marketing book summary. This month’s summary is Inside the Magic Kingdom, by Tom Connellan.

Inside the Magic Kingdom

iBIO IndEx 2017: Amid Political Uncertainty, Industry Collaboration Is Key to Advancement

The effects of technological advances and an uncertain political environment were the focus of this year’s Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO) Industry Expo (IndEx).

iBIO IndEx

The Content Audit: How to Start Content Marketing [Plus Free Assessment Form]

Content marketing is all the rage, but where do you start? You know you want the increased web traffic, audience relationships, better leads, and authoritative thought leadership that content marketing provides, but starting from the ground up seems like a wheelbarrow of work that you don’t have time for.

But if you’re wondering how to start content marketing, there’s good news: you already do content marketing.

Building a Successful Marketing Strategy in an Increasingly Connected World: A Q&A with Jeremiah Worth

As the fields of life science and healthcare converge, deliberate strategy becomes an even more significant backbone of marketing efforts. We sat down with Jeremiah Worth, Vice President of Client Strategy at CG Life, to discuss the changing industry landscape—and how life science and healthcare companies can be best prepared.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in marketing?

I’ve been involved in marketing and communications for over 17 years now.


5 Key Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Content marketing is gaining traction in the life sciences and healthcare industry, but trends in the industry do not always match up with accepted content marketing best practices.

Analytics and new technology are advancing marketers’ understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and staying up to date with recent best practices is essential if you want to make sure your content marketing doesn’t get left behind.

These are five of the most important content marketing trends for 2017 and beyond.

content marketing trends for 2017