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Do You Speak Science?

Healthcare has experienced a self-rediscovery. Tools and technologies that were once exclusive to the lab are now being applied in new and exciting ways to help people in clinical settings. As the worlds of healthcare and life sciences collide, organizations need effective strategies to speak to both.

Our managing partner, Erik Clausen, wrote about this topic for an article featured in the Healthcare PR issue of O’Dwyer’s PR magazine.

Don’t Miss Our Murad in C&EN’s ‘Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing'

When C&EN Media Group chose CG Life co-founder Murad Sabzali as one of the "Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing", he was more than happy to step around from the bar at CG Life to provide some insights.

Between dramatic Draper-esque pauses and tortured glances down at his silenced phone, Murad gave us a look at where the industry is heading and how to appeal to marketing audiences by empathizing with them as people.


San Diego Conference Guide: Your Guide to Navigating ‘America’s Finest City’

Welcome to San Diego! If you’re here for business, then you’re probably aware that it’s one of the .

We aorta tell you...

That Chempetitive Group is now CG Life.

Life evolves. And so must we. When we started Chempetitive Group almost 15 years ago, it wasn’t just about providing marketing communication services for the life science industry. We started Chempetitive Group to offer a truly different agency experience. One that goes beyond the “client.” One that truly connects with people. That’s what mattered then, and that’s what matters today.

We aorta tell you...

What You Cared About in 2016

Throughout the controversy and excitement of 2016—from presidential elections and Brexit to and unlikely sports champions—there has been one unwavering constant.


These are the most popular Chemunity posts from 2016. Stay tuned for 2017!

Chemchella 2016 Recap

Good music, good food, good drinks and puns. Is there a better way to celebrate the friends of Chempetitive Group? We don’t think so.

#Chemchella2016 was a success, all thanks to you. Although the night is sadly over, the party lives on right here.

Shout out to all of the Chemchella talent for being, well, talented. You all made the event something special.

Chemchella Chempetitive Event

Bass Pair Reboot Turns Into Unlikely Bass Pairs Reunion; Possible Appearance at ChemChella 2016

By Martín Cesar, Contributor, POPULAR UNO—Spain’s Numero Uno Source for Rock News

Creating a Science Marketing RFP: Best Practices [Plus Free Guide]

So you need to write a science marketing request for proposal (RFP). It’s often harder than it seems. The reason? Nobody tells you how to write them. There’s no textbook, no document for RFP best practices. It’s just assumed you’ll collect the necessary skills as you rise through the ranks.

Not Sure About Hiring a Marketing Agency? 11 Reasons to Consider

Should I use a marketing agency? It’s a common question, made more common by the fact that life sciences companies are often hesitant to hire agencies that don’t understand their product or service.

Of course, the right agency can give your marketing a huge boost—even if you already have an in-house team. The right agency understands your brand, your product or service and works with you to get results.

Understanding marketing agency benefits can help you make the right decision for your company. Here are 11 potential benefits of hiring a marketing agency.

How You Can Avoid Partnering with the Wrong Marketing Agency

How can you tell if entering a partnership with an agency is going to be a fruitful collaboration – or a stress-inducing nightmare? When companies hire agencies to help them market their business, these relationships can be productive, pleasant, and effective, but only when expectations are aligned and communication is flowing. We’ve collected all the warning signs that signal a bad fit. Pay attention to these red flags in order to avoid disappointing results.