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Jennifer Dama

Improvised Marketing

Chicago is home to many iconic offerings – deep dish, the Cubs (or the White Sox, whatever floats your boat), and of course, CG Life!

Another hometown legendary offering is the art of improv. We have world class theaters and training centers including The Second City, iO, and The Annoyance. These institutions have been the launching pad for many famous comedians – from Farley to Fey.


Why You Should Add Video to Your Marketing Campaigns

Pre-Facebook feeds, I was known as the go-to curator of funny YouTube videos. I was the first to introduce my friends to now-classics such as, Charlie Bit My Finger and Dramatic Chipmunk.

Video was a great way to connect and engage with my friends on a personal level. They would seek me out for some quality content and a brief escape from exams.

Watching videos