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Bringing Science to Life

Life is short. Do what matters.

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Science and healthcare are converging faster than ever, impacting how long we live, the way we fight disease, and the speed at which game-changing drugs and healthcare products come to market. This is the intersection where CG Life lives. We’re a marketing and communications agency that helps clients tell their stories of discovery, innovation and breakthroughs. Every day.

Together, let’s bring science to Life and see how we can help make the world a healthier place.

Our Market Experience

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Life is a journey defined by the company you keep, and the work you do.
For over 15 years we’ve lived on the edge. Helping clients on the leading edge of science and healthcare think through some of the toughest communication challenges and create compelling stories. They’ve put a lot of faith in us. And you can too.

Blog: Life Lessons


We speak your language.

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