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What makes life worth living? What’s most important? How can we truly express the joy, the wonder, and the potential of the world around us?

We’re CG Life, a marketing and communications agency focused on life science and healthcare. We embrace these questions every day, from the things we hold dear, to the stories we tell of scientific discovery and innovation.

Because at a time when scientific breakthroughs are having an ever-greater impact on how long we live, the way we fight disease, and the speed at which game-changing drugs and healthcare products come to market, for us Life is about never losing sight of what’s most important.

What’s important to you?

Two Blocks

Life. Science. 15 years.

It may seem counter intuitive, and even sound like heresy, but rather than conforming to the typical agency formula and ... More >
Core Philosophies At CG Life: A Look Inside A Life Science Marketing Agency

Core Philosophies At CG Life: A Look Inside A Life Science Marketing Agency

When terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts” start to fill our day-to-day lexicon, honesty and transparency can seem like ... More >

Life is a journey defined by the company you keep, and the work you do.

For over 15 years we’ve lived on the edge. Helping clients on the leading edge of science and healthcare think through some of the toughest communication challenges and create compelling stories. They’ve put a lot of faith in us. And you can too.

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