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We’ve got a few life lessons to share.

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Is it time to change your perspective? Get up to date with latest headlines, ideas, and inspiration in the life science and healthcare markets.

How To Write to Experts…About Something They’re Not An Expert In

If you are working in marketing for a life science or healthcare company, chances are, you are writing to a pretty intelligent audience. You may be writing to business executives, seasoned journalists, and Ph.D. scientists. But just because your readers are intelligent, that doesn’t mean they are experts in everything.

Science Writing For Non-Experts Requires Skill

Hitting The Ground Running With Your PR Firm

Public relations is a key element of business. By public relations, I don’t mean ‘PR’ in the traditional sense (as in press releases, articles, media relations and so forth), although that is an integral part of the overall public relations function. Rather, I refer to public relations in the broader sense of relating to your public(s), and any activities that actively increase reach to your audience(s).


GDPR Compliance Is Coming. Are You Ready?

For Europe, the month of May will see celebrations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, but European consumers will have another celebration: Their Rights. And not only the rights of Europeans. On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, goes into effect in Europe, but it has global digital marketing ramifications.

GDPR Compliance and Personal Data

Avoiding a PR Nightmare: How Spark Therapeutics Overcame a Potential Crisis in the Launch of Their First Gene Therapy

On December 19, 2017, the FDA approved a novel gene therapy that treats diseases that affect vision. Luxturna™, from Spark Therapeutics, treats a number of retinal diseases caused by a mutation in the RPE65 gene, which collectively affect about 1,500 people in the United States and can cause anything from a loss in peripheral vision to total blindness.


Great Minds Think Similarly: The Pros and Cons of Biosimilars

Ever wish you could replicate the taste of that $200 bottle of wine that has been aged to perfection over the past four decades? This task is a near impossibility, as it requires you to replicate things like environmental, harvesting, and storage conditions. Many of these things, like weather, can’t be replicated, yet even very minor changes can mean the difference between an incredibly tasty wine and expensive vinegar.

Great Minds Think Similarly: The Pros and Cons of Biosimilars

Improvised Marketing

Chicago is home to many iconic offerings – deep dish, the Cubs (or the White Sox, whatever floats your boat), and of course, CG Life!

Another hometown legendary offering is the art of improv. We have world class theaters and training centers including The Second City, iO, and The Annoyance. These institutions have been the launching pad for many famous comedians – from Farley to Fey.


Fever Pitch: Straight talk about PR from Life Science Journalists

Do you and the media your audiences follow speak the same language? Is all industry news inherently local?


A Biomedical Researcher’s Guide to Keyword Strategy for Life Science and Healthcare Digital Marketing

After hanging up my lab coat in a biomedical research facility to pursue a new career adventure in life science and healthcare digital marketing as a content specialist, I quickly learned, be it writing fresh content for a company or product launch or updating content for an existing one, that I would be entering a new world of research—keyword research and analysis for SEO.

Initially, I was confused by SEO keyword strategy and the metrics used to inform SEO performance.

A Biomedical Researcher's Adventures in SEO

Exploring the Possibilities for Augmented Reality in Life Science Marketing

There is a lot of hype around virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality in the technology landscape today. The first step to understanding how augmented reality (AR) functions in marketing is to understand how it is different from virtual reality (VR). Many people understand AR through the example of Pokémon Go, the most widely recognized augmented reality mobile experience to date. Using your smartphone to impose a digital image onto the image capture of a real space is a good description of AR. Another, simpler example is Snapchat’s face recognition software that gives you computer-generated dog ears or a flower crown.


Facing the Public’s Fear of Science and Innovation in the Era of Precision Medicine

Life science companies are making unprecedented strides in precision medicine, using patients’ personal health data to optimize medical treatment. Access to electronic health records, for example, is making it easier than ever for contract research organizations (CROs) to find the right patients for their trials, increasing their probability of success. Also, biotechnology companies are developing new genetic sequencing technologies and blood tests based on the premise that patients’ personal health and genetic data will ultimately help physicians optimize their treatments.


Fever Pitch: Straight talk about PR from Life Science Journalists

What do life science journalists think about PR media pitches? I recently chatted with Adam Feuerstein, Senior Biotech Reporter at Stat News, about his relationship with PR reps, and his experience with media pitches and PR fails, resulting in some good advice and coveted insight into the outspoken journalist’s mind.


It’s like Finding Money: Repurposing Content Marketing

Being very deliberate about creating specific content based on a buyer’s journey, and then distributing said content, might not necessarily be part of your marketing mix. Content development has become far more dynamic, driven by the many different ways content is consumed. It can be overwhelming, if you let it. But I say, don’t over think it. You can come to us, we’ll be happy to be your life science and healthcare content strategists (shameless SEM plug). Or, you can just take a step back, breathe, and do a quick audit of all the content you’ve already created to determine what can be simply repurposed. Yes, repurposed.

"So I says, just repurpose it."

Ten Tips for an Effective Trade Show Booth

You are tasked with planning an effective trade show booth for your company, you have a limited budget, and you have decided to stick with the smallest, most common booth size: 10x10’. How are you going to stand out from the crowd and use your limited space (and limited budget) to the fullest, while meeting your goals?

effective trade show booth activities

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been one year since we launched CG Life, version 2.0 of Chempetitive Group. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our orbit. We genuinely appreciate our experience together, and are overjoyed that you do, too.

Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure in “Marketing Survival”

Don’t you wish that you could simply get a 2nd chance on some of your life science marketing decisions? There are so many advertising options out there for marketers, and choosing the right one for your brand can be a difficult and time-consuming process. And choosing wrong can mean that you may blow your annual budget, get fired…or worse.

Choose Your Own Marketing Adventure in “Marketing Survival”

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