Getting High

Rooftop represents a unique environment, giving us refuge from extinguishing daily fires and helping us remove walls of creative confinement.
Musical Theme is our collective personality, the amalgamation of which serves as a pillar of our brand experience. If you know us, you know we love science and music. This year, we appreciate the reggae.
Food and Beverage, outside of survival, gives us energy, releases endorphins and provides an opportunity to communicate at a personal level.
CDs contain a little bit of all of us. Each team member picks a song that they find special and shares it in an effort to enlighten others.
Awesome people, well that’s simple. We surround ourselves with people that we truly respect, appreciate and enjoy being around. How better to divide all the variables above than with awesome people – our friends?

So, there you have it. Pretty simple. And, in science the simple formulas are the most refined formulas. If you have received an invite, we hope to see you there. If you don’t have an invite yet and want one, contact us.

Hope to jam with you August 3, 2011!