Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s been one year since we launched CG Life, version 2.0 of Chempetitive Group. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our orbit. We genuinely appreciate our experience together, and are overjoyed that you do, too.

Our mojo is bringing value to our life science clients through our deep understanding of science AND our ability to communicate the utility of science across the healthcare value chain. We’ve gone from a core of marketing and communicating “science” to researchers, to connecting with the broader clinician and patient community. Turns out, science is super sexy. And, relevant.

Thanks to you, 2017 was a very transformational year for us. We continued to be part of our existing clients’ growth, while expanding in adjacent markets such as clinical diagnostics, medical device, and emerging pharma. We added greater depth to our inspired team of runaway scientists and PhDs, and focused our recruiting efforts on creative and content professionals with deep pharma and regulatory experience. And we celebrated a second 10-year work anniversary for Todd Kuna (who is getting old like the rest of us). We invested. We divested. Then re-invested because we shouldn’t have divested in the first place – demonstrating just how super smart we are.

There were some ups and there were some downs. But that’s ok. Movement, up, down, and all around, is elemental. It’s part of Life.

And life is, in fact, short. While our clients work so hard to extend and improve the quality of life, we also work very hard to live it, every day.

A day for us is not just about sitting in the corporate cafeteria discussing pre-market conditioning. Or, performing cGMP-like quality control experiments in our fermentation preservation chamber. It’s not about contemplating next gen sequencing whilst sitting in physics-defying workstations. Nor is it about validating Newton’s first law. It’s definitely not about reformulating and optimizing homespun sound waves in our study lounge.

Actually… That’s exactly what CG Life is about! Life for us means a truly awesome and genuine experience for our employees, friends, clients, and Ric, the super cool UPS guy.

We love science. We love the science of life. And, we love you. So, on this Valentine’s Day, we send you lots of healthy hugs, even if you’re not a hugger. Embrace it! Embrace Life.

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