Listen Up! Celebrating International Podcast Day

September 30th is International Podcast Day! Here at CG Life, we’re always finding new ways to learn, especially when it comes to the marketing and life science industries. Whether you want to dive more into marketing analytics or learn about the latest therapies and treatments for life-threatening diseases, we’ve got you covered.

Check out some favorite podcasts that CG Lifers love to listen to below!

Short Wave 

Image for Short Wave podcast

Don’t have a whole hour to dedicate to boosting your brain? NPR’s Short Wave has you covered! This digestible, ~10-minute daily podcast covers today’s science-related headlines and topics for all–especially those not necessarily versed in science.  

Recommended by: Gabi Crowley, Senior Content Strategist 

Image for Science Vs podcast

Science Vs

There’s everybody else’s opinion and then there’s science. From veganism to dinosaurs, Science Vs helps distinguish facts vs. fads, and unveils the truth about some of today’s most popular and often controversial topics.

Recommended by: Taryn Serman, PhD, Scientific Content Specialist


image for Mendelspod podcast

Mendelspod covers a wide range of topics in the life science industry, with a focus on clinical genomics. By collaborating with and interviewing leading industry experts, Mendelspod creates unique conversations and connections among those in the life science space. CG Life is a proud sponsor of Mendelspod, and we love being part of a community that helps advance life science research. 

Recommended by: Todd Kuna, VP of Business Development 

Life Science Marketing Radio

Our friend Chris Conner, chats with experts within the life science and healthcare industries to learn about fresh ideas and marketing and sales tactics to help boost your company’s brand and business. Fun fact: CG Life had our own podcasting stint for a bit with the help of Chris! 

Recommended by: CG Life 

The Naked Scientists 

From Cambridge University’s Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), The Naked Scientists podcast discusses popular topics in science, technology, and medicine in an informative yet lighthearted way. Including interviews with world-renowned scientists and in-depth discussions of scientific breakthroughs, you’ll listen, learn, and laugh your way through these episodes.  

Recommended by: Sarah Mishek, PR Account Supervisor

Image for Marketing Over Coffee podcast

Marketing Over Coffee

Although not specific to the life science industry, Marketing over Coffee is a podcast that discusses the ins and outs of everyday marketing. With topics including video conferencing best practices to understanding your marketing analytics, you’ll learn valuable information to help with your marketing needs.  

Recommended by: Jeremiah Worth, VP of Digital Marketing

This Podcast Will Kill You

image for This Podcast Will Kill You podcast

Listen if you dare! Each episode of This Podcast Will Kill You looks at a specific life-threatening disease including its history, details, and real-life experiences. For added fun, each episode also includes a cocktail recipe playing off of the theme of the episode. Cheers!

Recommended by: Stephanie Konecki, PhD, Scientific Content Specialist