Chicago, IL —April 1, 2016 — Chempetitive Group, a full-service marketing agency for the life science industry, today announced the launch of its targeted Amazon Dash reordering button. Designed to satisfy a pressing industry need, the one-click button allows busy life science clients to reorder marketing in a matter of seconds. Chempetitive will arrive on their doorstep in two working days, ready to strategize and synergize.

“Existing tools for contracting marketing agencies, such as email, phone and contact forms, are time-consuming, hard to use and expensive,” said Ken Li, PR Director for Chempetitive Group. “Clients would find themselves stranded at conferences without a refreshed brochure, as a direct result of this barrier to entry.”

“We know they want to keep coming back for more CG,” said Robin Franceschi, Chempetitive Group’s Digital Manager. “The new button just makes that repeat business an easy thing to do.”

Set it anywhere you’ll be reminded that you need more marketing. Press it when you’re running low on marketing, and get more marketing delivered to your front door, before you run out of branded beer koozies.

To learn more about Chempetitive Group, visit our website for more information.

About Chempetitive Group

Chempetitive Group is the premier full-service marketing agency for the life science industry. Founded in 2008, Chempetitive Group is headquartered in Chicago, though most employees wish they were in the San Diego office.
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