The Life Science Marketing Field Guide [Free Download]

You may have noticed that we have a lot to say lately. A lot to say about PR. A lot to say about digital. Hey…even a lot to say about Reddit. Why?

There’s a lot to talk about. Distinctions between marketing channels are now a gradient of overlapping responsibilities and shared goals. Where does PR start and content end? Which comes first—a good content strategy or a solid list of in-demand keywords? 

Is it even possible to be a jack-of-all-trades when everything moves this fast?

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These are the questions that led us to create the Life Science Marketing Field Guide. From strategy to tracking, you need to prepare yourself for all the unknowns. Print it out. Clip out your favorite parts and mail it to your grandparents. Just don’t ignore it.

Some of our favorite highlights to look for:

“The life science brands that will be successful will be those that place people at the center of their brand promise and marketing campaigns.” –Chapter 1

“Often we’ll find in our research that the traits a client is emphasizing are the minimum cost of entry to the potential customer. It’s as if I’m trying to market an iPhone by saying ‘it’s excellent at making phone calls.’ That’s the bare minimum you need in a phone! But this is exactly what customers think when they hear you emphasize a general trait like ‘quality’ – they already take that as a given among the products they’re considering. To differentiate yourself, you have to dig deeper.” –Chapter 2

“Users care more about how a site functions than what it looks like. A visually stimulating, even beautiful website that doesn’t compel people to read further and reach a conversion point is not doing its job.” –Chapter 6

“Don’t wait for the expo floor to open to make contact. Pre-show marketing is a great way to drive booth traffic.” –Chapter 8

“Think of your website content as the fuel to your marketing machine—allowing you to seamlessly move you visitors through the education, evaluation and buying process.” –Chapter 10

We’re only a few voices in this marketing conversation. Is there something we missed? Something you’d like to discuss in more detail? Contact us online or tweet us, let’s start the conversation.

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