London Calling

We now serve the Queen. We’re trading our java for Earl Grey. Fries are now chips, chips are now crisps, and cookies are now biscuits. That’s right… It’s official… Chempetitive Group now has offices in London.

Why London, you inquire?

Well, besides the British accent making us sound smarter and our love of a proper ale, we needed to expand our footprint and think globally. London is our next step in our bid for world domination. Where better for this than the UK?

London has become the indisputable financial center for the western world. The UK is home to some 75 Bioclusters and research & technology parks. From Oxford and Cambridge to Belfast and Edinburgh, there are thousands of British companies advancing life science research, tools and therapeutics each and every day.

Simply put, we want to be part of this British invasion.

We want to spell organization as organisation and flavor as flavour.

We want to embrace the logic of the metric system and can’t wait to measure our weight in stones instead of pounds.

We want to finally start watching “real football” and figure out the difference between premier league, UEFA and a wicket.

We want to help subsidize Prince William’s wedding. According to The Sun, it’s said to cost 40 million quid. Blimey!

Finally, and most importantly, we want to practice what we preach. Building a global brand isn’t easy. Trust us, we know. We approach all of our campaigns from a global perspective. There are several variables to take into consideration to ensure brand attributes translate from one region to the next. From personality and positioning, to cultural differences and language, extending a brand to a new market must be done carefully.

Now, with an office in London, we will streamline this process for all our clients, further ensuring consistency, localization and personalization. It will be brilliant!

Cheers and enjoy the following…