Marketing Case Study: Growth Hacking the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

17,214 new website visitors
9,036 social media impressions
13 new leads
and 0 advertising dollars.

The results can be astounding when a content marketing strategy comes together, as it did for Chempetitive Group’s “Surviving the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference” insider guide. Content marketing is an increasingly popular method of driving audience engagement and thought leadership, but it is also frequently misunderstood.

Content marketing is more than just developing content. Content must provide true value to your audience, prompting them to share it on their own accord. An effective strategy requires observation of industry trends and market needs, integration of creative and digital expertise, careful planning, and strategic promotion.

In creating the JP Morgan insider’s guide, we leveraged our past success and content marketing expertise to create a comprehensive plan for content development and distribution. The result was a truly valuable and unique piece of content.

This case study from Chempetitive Group’s own marketing efforts highlights many tactics within an overarching strategy:

Reaching a target audience
Producing original, high value, shareable content
Maximizing insider knowledge
Taking advantage of an unmet market need
Full circle digital integration – from surveillance to lead generation

Download our case study to see effective content marketing in action.

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