The Power of the Redesign

Here at CG Life, we recommend that each client reevaluate and possibly even redesign their marketing campaign every three to five years. It may not be a full rebrand (the core values and goals often remain the same), but a new look and updated messaging are usually in order. Why fix it if it isn’t necessarily broken?

It may seem like a lot of work. In fact, it is. Reviewing strategy, connecting, researching, writing. It can be a major effort, but it’s the next step toward making your brand stronger and more recognizable. To making your marketing go from “good enough” to highly effective. To pulling or staying ahead of your competition. To “owning” the marketplace.

If you search “redesign,” you’ll find a lot of information about how to redesign your website, but not much about why or when, and how a redesign fits with the whole integrated marketing plan that also includes your messaging, advertising, channel management and presence.

Why might it be time for a redesign for your company? Read on…

  1. A redesign promotes new ideas and fresh perspectives

This is a chance to go wild. Nothing is off limits in connecting. Ideas you’ve thought were too out there? Bring it! In fact, some of the best ideas come from wild brainstorming.

You know the colloquialism about how it’s always easier to add more to your plate than it is to put something back (at least at a buffet-style restaurant)? It’s just like that, except the opposite: you’re more likely to have winning strategy options in a list of 50 ideas than 10. The sheer number increases the odds of good ideas.

Plus, the first ideas are always the obvious ones, which we want to avoid. We want those crazy, awesome ideas that come when you push your mind past the obvious.

  1. A redesign helps prevent stagnation

When you see the same thing every day, you start to think the same things every day. It’s what can cause a midlife crisis. And, while some aspects of a midlife crisis can be fun (Helllooooo, red convertible!), I don’t need to mention the possible repercussions. You’ve heard them before. In fact, you can probably go pick up a tabloid and read about the latest celebrity’s.

As stated above, a redesign accesses your creativity to bring new life to your campaigns. “New life” sounds so much better than “mid-life.”

  1. A redesign gives you a chance to feature other company strengths

Say you’ve always wanted to talk about how you work with your customers to find the best product for their needs, but your ad campaign always focuses on how fast your instruments do the job. Or you’re branching out in a new direction, but customarily talk more about your core business. Now is the time to bring that up!

During a redesign, you get to look at your company from all new directions and rework your messaging to reflect where you are and where you’re heading.

  1. A redesign is a chance to reconnect with your audience

How many times have you seen an ad that you know is directed at you but completely misses the mark? That’s what we’re trying to prevent. And how many times have we heard that although an ad campaign brought in the numbers in the beginning, now it seems less effective?

It’s because the world doesn’t just sit there. It changes. It grows. As do your customers. What they needed 10 years ago is different than what they needed five years ago is different than what they need now.

A redesign gives you a chance to reevaluate what they need and want and to become more valuable to them. When they see that you are updating to reflect their needs, they realize what an asset your product is to their company and appreciate the efforts you put into making sure their needs are met. It’s like any good relationship. Remind them what they saw in you in the beginning, and why they continue to stay with you after all these years.

  1. A redesign gives you the chance to connect with a new audience and/or younger demographic

Every year, new graduates flock into the field, trained in up-to-date theories and techniques. They’re part of the digital generation, fully embracing every new technology. Just check out the numbers in social media and iPad sales; most of them are early adopters of products and these new consumers come into the field without fully developed brand loyalties in place.

Now is the chance to appeal to them—to show them how much better and easier their life will be with your product and to cement a new generation of business.

  1. Show you’re up-to-date on current media trends, and by extension, reinforce that you’re on the cutting edge of your field

Honestly, if I go to a poorly designed site that looks like it was developed in 1995, I’m going to immediately close the window instead of reflecting on whether I trust the company or think their product is great. I would automatically assume the answer is no, anyway.

The same goes for an uninteresting ad that looks like it was designed in Paint (remember Paint?). You work on making sure every product you make is the best it can be, introduce new products as soon as you can, and keep researching ways to push the boundaries of science even further. You make new discoveries every day.

Your marketing plan should reflect that.

If you’re not properly utilizing new media trends (from design elements to updated language to social media), your company can appear outdated. Cutting-edge marketing implies a cutting-edge company. It may be a subliminal message, but it’s a legal and effective one.