We Are Shaped by Science

Once upon a time, a myth was forged that science and creativity were contrasting forces that couldn’t occupy the same space. This falsehood has been reinforced by popular culture and those unable or unwilling to harness these highly synergistic and complementary approaches.

Science asks, “What is true?”

Creativity asks, “What can be done?”

These questions are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they work best together–– revealing a path forward through enlightenment and refinement. Science and creativity work best in tandem.

Creativity provides the imaginative sparks that fuel scientific exploration and discovery, as well as the strategic vision for how to overcome obstacles. We find creative solutions. The scientific method offers a structured framework for testing and validating creative ideas, generating a deeper understanding of human behaviors, and using technology in unexpected ways to solve complex problems.

When these forces combine, it creates a new energy we call scientific creativity. Its power is limitless. It allows us to see simplicity within complexity and imagine how it can ignite critical steps across the research and healthcare continuum. It empowers us to analyze our approaches and understand the inner workings of science as well as its impact on markets.

The world is flowing with innovation, but new ideas and scientific breakthroughs can’t change the world by themselves. They must be aided to their destinations by guile, cleverness, and stratagem. Scientific creativity is how this happens.

At CG Life, we embrace these fundamental truths.

We don’t just dip our toes into the scientific pool when the water is calm. We cannonball into it daily—rain or shine. We’ve allowed science to wash over us… surround us… and shape us.

We are shaped by science and help shape the future every day because that’s what it takes if we are to realize the promise of continually improving lives.