We’re calling for a revolution.

I was walking down the aisle at a trade show last month. No exaggeration, in one aisle I saw three companies using the same stock photography on their booths. The funny thing is that these companies’ products had no relevance to an image of a scientist hunched over looking at colorful liquids.

Life science companies need not always use a scientist to relate to a scientist. The medium does that. For example, if you are at a scientific trade show, chances are, the audience is scientists. I’m willing to bet they know you’re there selling products or services to them. So, why not get creative? Do something that captures their attention. Something that is truly different.

A few years ago, we convinced our client to use a red bench and a locker room scene to promote its toxicology services. The message was that they had a bench of scientists waiting and willing to help. The baseball giveaways, a red bench, lockers, and Astroturf were all very disruptive. People stopped and took notice. The show was extremely successful for them, generating a lot of qualified leads.

The bottom line is that life science marketers need to rethink how they communicate with researchers. The goal of marketing is to elicit a response. You need to ask yourself if your campaign is doing that.

Join our revolution! We’ll send you a Sharpie.