What You Cared About in 2017

This past year was filled with just as many “Woah, that’s awesome” moments as “Wait, is this actually happening?” ones. Through all of the commotion of 2017, Chemunity was always there for a breath of mental fresh air and inspiration.

Take a look at the most popular Chemunity blog posts of 2017 as determined by you. There is more to come in 2018 so be sure to subscribe to get the latest news you can use.

  1. The Importance of a Creative Brief. A creative brief is a unifying document that identifies the important key benefits for a campaign or launch. The importance of a creative brief applies to projects of any scale, from quick turnarounds to long drawn out projects. A solid creative brief is the one document all parties refer to throughout the life of the campaign or launch. So, what are you going to say, and how are you going to say it? Learn more about the importance of a creative brief.

  2. Marketing Superheroes: Marketing Strategy Lessons from the Marvel v. DC Rivalry. Marketing pros often discuss the relationship between strategy and tactics, but the difference between strategic and tactical approaches is rarely shown as clearly as in the Marvel vs. DC cinematic war. DC has thrown tactic after tactic at the wall in the hopes that something will stick. Marvel, through a plan laid out in strategic phases, has created a consistent moviegoing experience that engages their audience and ultimately improves their bottom line. Become a marketing superhero and build your brand’s universe with these marketing strategy lessons from the Marvel vs. DC rivalry.

  3. LinkedIn: The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Weird. LinkedIn is a hub of activity for countless modern industries – including the life sciences. Put your best foot forward with our guide to creating the perfect LinkedIn company page. Whether you need a remodel or a new page build, this ‘how-to’ has you covered. From crafting a killer company description to choosing an eye-catching banner image, we’ll walk you through the entire process and reveal some “pro tips” courtesy of LinkedIn in LinkedIn: The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Weird.

  4. Your Free Guide to Surviving JPM San Francisco 2018. The teeming influx of life science industry folk in San Francisco during the second week of January represents the zenith of the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference pilgrimage. Concurrent events add to the draw for the who’s who of life science investing, from industry leaders and emerging fast-growth companies, to investors, innovative technology creators and biotech. From keynote speeches with luminaries like Joe Biden, to panels and partnering meetings with pharma CEOs, to hundreds of parties ranging from circus performers to whiskey tastings, the best way to prepare is with the J.P. Morgan Conference 2018 Survival Guide.

  5. Marketing Book Summary: Pre-Suasion. Marketing thought leaders are prolific, and it can be hard to keep up with the most recent developments in marketing. That’s why, each month, we bring you an in-depth marketing book summary. Our favorite marketing book summary of 2017 was Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, by Robert Cialdini, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. Dr. Cialdini is a widely renowned expert in the psychology of persuasion. The core premise of Pre-Suasion is that persuasion can occur before the moment of a decision. And that understanding psychology allows you to make use of that time. In this marketing book summary, we provide a detailed look at the big ideas behind Pre-Suasion.

  6. Top 5 Rules for LinkedIn Group Etiquette. LinkedIn Groups are about presenting useful information with a specific community that will be genuinely interested in listening, contributing and engaging. Even though LinkedIn is online based, the same etiquette rules you apply to in-person networking opportunities apply here as well. To help you navigate LinkedIn networking opportunities, let’s take a look at our Top 5 Rules for LinkedIn Group Etiquette.

  7. Untapped Marketing: Corporate Sponsorship for Charity Events. Sponsoring an event for a charitable organization can be a powerful way to raise brand awareness, create positive press, and build relationships with people in your community. Charitable organizations are always wondering how to find corporate sponsors, and there is no shortage of opportunities for sponsors for charity events. If you want to get the most out of your partnership with a charitable organization, you need to understand your goals in pursuing a sponsorship, make sure you work with the right organization, and pick the sponsorship opportunity that best suits your company. Read this guide to corporate sponsorship for charity events.

  8. Driving Web Traffic With Reddit: How I launched my blog with 100,000 visitors in the first week [Plus Free Guide]. Over Twitter? Frustrated by the company-audience barriers now in place on Facebook? Reddit may be your next move, as you seek to promote the work of your life science company. It’s not easy to self-promote on Reddit — and therein lies the value. It’s an untapped resource with eight billion page views every month, hosting a hugely influential audience. To help you navigate the site and maximize its potential, here is everything you need to know to start using Reddit for marketing in Driving Web Traffic With Reddit: How I launched my blog with 100,000 visitors in the first week.

  9. Marketing With a Magnet, Not a Hammer: Why Biotech Brands Need a Good Digital Strategy. Those in the life science and biotechnology sectors are in a challenging position when trying to attract key audiences to their products, technologies and brands. The technology, regulation and perception challenges they face underscore the inherent vulnerability of marketing in this field. So, how do life science and biotech companies overcome these obstacles? Learn how to cut through the marketing static that target audiences have learned to ignore, and figure out a way to make you irreplaceable in Marketing With a Magnet, Not a Hammer: Why Biotech Brands Need a Good Digital Strategy.

  10. How to Start a Popular LinkedIn Discussion. LinkedIn now has over half a billion members in 200 countries connecting, representing 10+ million active jobs and access to 9+ million companies. A professional community of this size has never existed until now. All life science professionals need to be an active participant on LinkedIn groups in order to have the opportunity to make a great impression. In How to Start a Popular LinkedIn Discussion, we provide our top tips for how to start a popular LinkedIn discussion that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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