Your Free Guide to Surviving JPM San Francisco 2018

It’s 11 PM and I am crammed into the Press Club just blocks away from Union Square in downtown San Francisco. I have a glass of wine in one hand and my other arm is literally immobile, pinned to my side by the mass of moving bodies around the small inner bar ebbing and flowing in sync with the bartender’s appearance. I had a scarf. At some point it slipped off the barstool and is now no doubt under foot but I don’t have enough room to bend down and find it. It’s hard to catch a complete sentence as my colleague shouts about our business model to one person while I discuss business travel with another.

There are hugs and handshakes and happy faces, but they are past and prologue for the multi-million-dollar healthcare investment deals that conduct electric current through the crowd. In a few short hours I will rush to the Starbucks on O’Farrell St. for a brief meet-and-greet before my first meeting at the Hilton to commence another day full of the most productive meetings I will have all year.

Luckily, I know where the Starbucks is located and that if it’s after 9 AM I should arrange to meet at the one off Powell St. How do I know? I read the free J.P. Morgan Conference 2018 Survival Guide.

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The teeming influx of life science industry folk in San Francisco during the second week of January represents the zenith of the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference pilgrimage. Concurrent events add to the draw for the who’s who of life science investing, from industry leaders and emerging fast-growth companies, to investors, innovative technology creators and biotech. For those well versed in the conference circuit, you’ll recognize the madness as just par for the course during JPM Week.

And man, is it hopping! I have never been so simultaneously energized and exhausted than during JPM Week. From the moment you arrive in the city, you’ll experience morning to evening activity. From keynote speeches with luminaries like Joe Biden, to panels and partnering meetings with pharma CEOs, to hundreds of parties ranging from circus performers to whiskey tastings, the best way to prepare is with the J.P. Morgan Conference 2018 Survival Guide.

The guide is the perfect accessory for navigating around San Francisco and getting the most out of the week, with insights into JPM Week 2018 concurrent events including Biotech Showcase and RESI, and predictions and advice from JPM Week veterans for conquering healthcare investing’s most impactful week of the year.

There are lots of guides out there, and even a few for purchase. But the free J.P. Morgan Conference 2018 Survival Guide will demystify the week and help you turn the chaos into opportunities for successful networking. The guide features:

Listing of the week’s conference landscape with maps
Hot new restaurants where you might actually get a table
Other local events and sightseeing
Most accessible coffee spots
Libations, entertainment options, and much more.

I recommend downloading a copy of the J.P. Morgan Conference 2018 Survival Guide to kick-start your game plan for JPM San Francisco 2018.

Special thanks to Deloitte and Baker McKenzie for helping to make this year’s guide possible. Now go and have a great #JPM18! If you’re on social, use #OverheardatJPM to keep up with the talk around town that week.

Download Printable Guide