A genomics giant drives engagement
by celebrating a DNA anniversary


Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies resources for a world of genomics research. How could they use the 70th anniversary of DNA as an opportunity to activate customers, capture leads, and funnel audiences to brand experiences and offerings throughout their Biosciences Division?


CG Life created an anniversary theme, tagline, and a unique limited series of DNA posters by well-known artists who expressed their unique interpretations of the meaning of DNA. Because DNA isn’t just science—it’s creativity, and life.

Courtney Reynolds

To meet the launch deadline, CG Life’s very own Courtney Reynolds was tapped to design the first poster.

Using the letters of DNA, Courtney artfully designed elements of science and life inside the letters, producing an eye-catching, vibrant poster to kick off the program.

Sam Falconer

We asked the highly acclaimed artist Sam Falconer to illustrate his unique vision of DNA’s 70-year milestone. His rich, painterly style blends people, living things, and objects into surreal fantasy with great creative storytelling. The poster should reveal something new every time you look at it.

Lesley Buckingham

Lesley is a classic watercolor artist with a fantastic eye for nature and plant life. The living world in the fertile glades of the English countryside and her garden studio permeate her illustrations. We asked Lesley to center her DNA celebration in the genomic wheel, with aspects of nature and natural life objects surrounding it.

Lisa Sheehan

Lisa is an image maker who mixes 2D and 3D to produce imaginative CGI illustrations. We invited Lisa to create her vision of the impact of DNA knowledge by spotlighting the almost limitless variety of living things that populate our planet. Her rich, lush 3D renderings feel like life is bursting out of the poster.

Poster Series

Sam Falconer Work-in-Progress Video

Digital Banners

Logo & Tagline

Campaign Playbook


The posters were the perfect calling card for customers—Thermo Fisher ran out of stock within weeks of launch. Internally, everyone from sales reps to executive leadership was enthused. We met the year’s goals for the program in 10 months.

of activation target

of opportunity target

of new contact target


2023 Marcom Awards – Platinum
Creative Poster Design

2023 Marcom Awards – Platinum
Strategic Communication,
Promotional Campaign

“CG Life delivered! This beautiful campaign has been a great way to engage customers in important conversations about their research and how we might be able to help. It was so well embraced internally and received externally, and delivered in terms of KPIs as well!”

Karen Sparks
Director, Integrated Customer Programs