What’s shaping our thinking and what’s new

There’s no better way to crystalize a new idea or strategy than to commit it to writing. This is a discipline we employ every day at CG Life. Here’s some of our latest thinking about the industry and where the opportunities are for innovative leaders.

Close-up image of a Gila Monster lizard crawling over a rock

From Gila Monsters and Type 2 Diabetes to Alzheimer’s Disease and Beyond: The Story of Ozempic & GLP-1 Drugs

Over the last several years, Ozempic has permeated conversations in pop culture, news, and beyond, becoming a shorthand for dramatic ...
Exosomes: Small Messengers with Big Potential

Exosomes: Small Messengers with Big Potential

The cells in our body constantly communicate with each other using microscopic membrane-bound packages called exosomes. Exosomes are potent carriers ...
Sustainability Meets Science: Three Examples from the Next Frontier of Sustainable Life Science Innovation 

Sustainability Meets Science: Three Examples from the Next Frontier of Sustainable Life Science Innovation 

Everyone recognizes the pressure to achieve sustainability, but it can be a tricky goal to chase. In industries like healthcare ...
Supporting Biopharma’s Future in Innovation and Personalization

Supporting Biopharma’s Future in Innovation and Personalization

The biopharma industry’s future is grounded in innovation and personalization. Targeted therapies for smaller patient populations. A future that requires ...
Patient workshop, as part of a panel for pharma companies

Five Tips for Maximizing Your Patient Panels

"Keep the sessions on topic. I get it, patients have an insurmountable amount to deal with, and while it’s important ...
Two arms of a clinical trial, with a synthetic and active arm.

Beyond Placebos: The Promise and Limitations of Synthetic Control Arms

Synthetic control arms offer so many benefits. No one gets a placebo and the study arms are near-perfectly matched, providing ...

Living our best CG Life: latest news

July 2024

CG Life Forms Strategic Communications Group to Integrate Corporate, Scientific and Medical Communications and Social Media Services

CG Life, the science-first, tech-enabled marketing and communications partner to precision medicine and life science companies, has formalized the age
May 2024

CEO David Ormesher featured on Life Science Marketing Radio Podcast

David recently sat down with podcast host Chris Conner to discuss the power of effective storytelling in science and what's possible for the future when we demystify the field and advance it together.
May 2024

CG Life Acquires Berry & Company Public Relations, Further Expanding Strategic Communications Services for BioPharma and Healthcare

The acquisition significantly expands the range of CG Life communications expertise and services to support clients in the biopharma and medical sectors.
May 2024

CG Life Appoints Jon Sawyer as COO to Support Strategic Growth & Integration

Sawyer will manage CG Life's operations as the agency partners with established and emerging life sciences and biopharma organizations.
April 2024

9 Strategies for Building a Winning Professional Brand

Guest article published in PRSA's Strategies & Tactics featuring insights from CG Life's Managing Partner, Erik Clausen, on building an authentic and impressive professional brand.
April 2024

Digiday: CG Life doubles in size by buying a digital shop to expand its health and sciences targeting

CG Life's CEO David Ormesher sat down with Digiday to share more on the recent acquisition, expanded capabilities, and more.
April 2024

MM+M: CG Life buys Toolhouse to brand itself as ‘science-first, tech-enabled’ firm

Learn more about CG Life's acquisition of Toolhouse in MM+M's recent article featuring an interview with our CEO, David Ormesher.
April 2024

CG Life acquires Toolhouse, significantly expanding technology-enabled omnichannel capabilities

Acquisition doubles agency size, strengthening expertise in creating impactful digital experiences connecting with clinical and patient audiences
February 2024

Fierce Pharma: CG Life hires agency veteran Chris Weber

News coverage of Chris Weber's appointment to SVP of Strategy at CG Life featured in Fierce Pharma's agency updates.