Lab rats explain life science research

Sooo…How Exactly Does Life Science Research Work?

What a historic time for science as the world seeks solutions to pandemic infectious diseases, climate change, and food and water shortages. While we all are aware of the importance of solving these issues, through our scientific lens we see tremendous opportunity for scientific research to offer hope for the future.

Life science’s role in society has been steadily increasing for many decades, as we have become more dependent on critical technologies like next-generation genomic sequencing, breakthrough medicines, biologic therapeutics, vaccines, and genetic engineering to name only a few.

It’s clear that we are at a critical inflection point, where things are accelerating at an unprecedented pace to meet enormous societal demands. The pressure to quickly find scientific solutions has laid bare the need to invest in scientific research, even while science and research may remain sorely misunderstood by many members of the public. As a result, we’ve witnessed a growing distrust in science and its institutions, born out of a fear of the unknown. Unfortunately, this distrust and lack of understanding can stand as obstacles to the very solutions that society so desperately needs.

At CG Life, we don’t despair. Rather, as science communicators, we need to think deeply, plan strategically, and get creative to better engage audiences and connect them to the science that surrounds our everyday lives. We believe that through better engagement, our community can increase public understanding of life science research in a manner that closes the divide.

To put this to practice, we are excited to share our homegrown comic, which provides a fun and informative look at how life science research happens. We hope that this comic will help readers better understand how potentially life-saving ideas become reality through the hard work and determination of the people behind the science. Turns out, scientists are people, too. No, really… We promise!

Take a look and share it with your friends, co-workers, and even kids! We hope that you’ll find it a useful resource to explain not only what science really is, but HOW it’s done.

Anyway, we’ll let our friendly lab rats do the rest of the explaining since they are waaaaaay cuter. Happy reading!

Download the Comic!