It’s like Finding Money: Repurposing Content Marketing

Being very deliberate about creating specific content based on a buyer’s journey, and then distributing said content, might not necessarily be part of your marketing mix. Content development has become far more dynamic, driven by the many different ways content is consumed. It can be overwhelming, if you let it. But I say, don’t over think it. You can come to us, we’ll be happy to be your life science and healthcare content strategists (shameless SEM plug). Or, you can just take a step back, breathe, and do a quick audit of all the content you’ve already created to determine what can be simply repurposed. Yes, repurposed.

It’s like finding money!

For example, below is an excerpt from a talk that I did at an ACS conference.

What’s the biggest mistake you see being made in science marketing?

I feel we marginalize the scientist and talk at them. And, I feel many of our campaigns look the same. And it seems we are fixated on showing scientists in a science setting. If you’re advertising in C&EN or exhibiting at the ACS show, I’m pretty sure the audience knows you’re in the field of science. It’s ok to get creative. It’s ok to be a little disruptive to break through the clutter.

Why are certain companies chosen over others? How much of a role does marketing play?

Consistency. Consistency in message. Consistency in creative. Consistency in frequency. This might come as shock to everyone, but we are not different. We have competitors. In fact, through globalization, we have more competitors, every year. Adding to the noise. Assuming there is no differentiation, the organizations that screams the loudest, with the same message, over and over again, gets chosen. Now that’s assuming you have a product that works and there is a demand, and, you have a unique campaign developed by us. Joking aside, marketing directly helps to sell more products to more people, more often. It is an investment and it’s ok to hold it accountable. Heaven forbid, we get scientific about marketing.

Technology and data is disrupting marketing in every industry, and the life sciences is no different. What are you most excited about when you think about the future of marketing in this space?

The proliferation of tools like Hubspot, Eloquo and Marketo excite me in that very inappropriate way. Real-time insight into an active campaign, which is directly connected to the sales function should be every marketers wet dream. Inbound marketing as the cool kids call it, is our future. It forces us to really, really understand the buyers, the influencers, and the gatekeepers. What makes them tick. And, when. And, how that “tick” can be used to establish a meaningful relationship.

Boom! The easiest 325 words I ever wrote! Or, not. The talk was transcribed. I just copied and pasted and now we have “new” repurposed content on our site, jammed with SEM-friendly terms, with a bit of thought leadership.

Yes, you too can be a content strategist. Think about all the power points you’re sitting on, jammed with relevant information that your audience might find useful. Think about all the talks you’ve done that could also be transcribed. Consolidate that content, personalize it, localize it, and re-purpose it. It’s ok. I just literally did it.

What I’m talking about here is this concept of passive content. I think I just made that up. But that’s what it is. While you need agencies like us to develop fresh new active content, a good content strategy should also include some passive content™, based on your voice.

14 minutes, 24 seconds. That’s how long it took me to develop this post.