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August 2018

CG Life on Life Science Marketing Radio – “Give Your Audience a Happy Surprise with Geotargeting”

Jeremiah Worth, VP of Client Strategy at CG Life, discusses the use and potential of geotargeting in the marketing mix as well as new data privacy laws and the perceived creepiness factor of traditional re-targeting campaigns. He also lays out strategies and channels for effectively using geotargeting in life science marketing campaigns. Learn More
August 2018

CG Life, Women In Bio (WIB) Host Summer Event

In its 7th year, our summer ‘Life Science Network’ Unwind networking event in San Diego was the biggest one yet with more than 400 professionals from across the industry. More exciting than the crowd size, the craft beer, the street tacos or the live band, was the chance for CG Life to partner with Women In Bio (WIB), an organization of professionals committed to promoting careers, leadership, and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences. Learn More
July 2018

CG Life and Stratocore Co-host Inaugural Event Supporting Core Labs

We love core labs as much as we love beer. We really enjoyed partnering with Stratocore to hold this “Cores on Tap” event in our venue in Chicago, where more than 70 employees from the core facilities from the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University gathered. Learn More
May 2018

CG Life Celebrates 15 Years of Life

Turning 15 can be awkward for anyone. For us, not so much. We threw a party at BIO. Learn More
November 2017

CG Life Releases 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Survival Guide

Navigating the mean streets of Union Square in San Francisco during J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference week is not for the faint of heart. That’s why we worked with Deloitte and Baker McKenzie to create this annual guide for surviving and thriving during biotech’s biggest week of the year. Learn More
September 2017

CG Life Co-founder Named to “Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing” by C&EN Media Group

Murad Sabzali shared his thoughts on communicating unique science brand stories, balancing creativity and scientific rigor, and important future digital trends. He also got to do so while wearing a suit. Learn More
February 2017

Chempetitive Group Rebrands as CG Life

CG Life launched its new brand and name to better communicate the energy that the agency brings to its work, culture and relationships at the intersection of the life sciences and healthcare markets. Learn More

CG Life Brings a New Element to the Table

As you may have heard, The Market Element is now a CG Life company! The convergence of these two agencies represents a symbiotic evolution of capabilities, personnel, and above all, opportunities for our clients. Our discussions leading up to the official acquisition were full of excitement about the possibilities enabled by our combined forces. Now, it’s high time for us to lift the curtains and let you in on our vision. The Opportunity Businesses thrive on differentiation. However, in the pursuit of unique value, the ability to optimally serve one-of-a-kind clients across industries, Learn More